Friday, February 08, 2008


I am officially a very, very bad blogger (how many times have I posted the same sentiment??) Life has become INSANE!! And today has been the culmination of it all...had to deal with getting yelled at by an upset person at my day job this morning (even though I am just the messanger people love to take things out on the messanger!!) and randomly a quite famous movie star called our office early this morn that I have been dealing with all morning...WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!? The last few weekes we have spent all of our free time house hunting and this has proven to be more of a process than I EVER imagined! Lots of looking, talking, crunching numbers, making offers, its enough to make me scream especially when I am used to using all my free time working on my art! But thank goodness for our awesome realtor Chris- he is like a personal trainer who keeps you motivated and inpired to keep going even when things aren't feeling so great.

On top of all this I have been preparing for CHA and since this is my first time at a convention of this nature I am nervous but also excited- like everything else in this book process...I have no idea what to expect!! I will be at the F+W booth on Tuesday at 1:30pm doing a techiques demo from my book and will also have a "make-n-take"-where people can make canvas medallion earrings to try their hand at working with canvas and paint- fun and easy project! I am excited to spend a couple of days walking around and exploring the show as well as meeting and connecting with people I have corresponded with online AND maybe I will sneak over to Disneyland if there is time...I need to have some fun!! More to come....


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