Wednesday, July 18, 2018

let's talk inspiration

Ok friends lets talk inspiration, influence and how to embrace your own style and creative voice. People, places, dreams, fears, relationships, hopes, all have the ability to inspire us in completely different ways. And there’s no doubt that inspiration can speak to us through others. But what makes YOU unique is knowing which influences to use and which to tune out. It’s an interesting life these days: TV, internet, email, texts, voicemail, trends, news, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, “like”, post, delete, upload, download . . . repeat AHHH!!! I don't know about you but this constant snowstorm of information clouds my brain. In the middle of this madness, when does inspiration, like real life inspiration get a chance to speak to us? Can our inspiration sing if its voice is drowned out by all of these digital voices and influences?

One thing I have learned is that true inspiration and authenticity often arrives quietly and in simple REAL LIFE moments. Inspiration doesn't always show up in my Instagram feed or on Pinterest but it shows up at the farmers market or on a walk around the neighborhood or during a conversation with a friend. As artists and creatives, we need to carve out moments to unplug and be present and aware of the beauty in our life. With one eye on your Instagram feed, the other eye on the news, and both ears divided between a husband, kid, and podcasts, how can the voice of inspiration be heard?!

Finding your inspiration doesn’t mean getting rid of your phone or ignoring the world or living in solitude. But one thing we can do is minimize the noise just a little bit. It has been my mission for a very long time to encourage anyone looking for inspiration to cut the wire. If we are constantly looking for inspiration from other sources it’s almost as if we become a of collector of other people's ideas. By doing this, we miss out on the totally unique ways we can find influence in the things in our lives that make each of us so unique! So here is my challenge to you- take a little time to unplug, get out into your world and start looking for inspiration off your device. 

Here are the failsafe ways that I make this happen in my own life and creative routine: 

I start by getting off the internet! When I am starting a new project or exploring new ideas, I make it a point to get off the computer and into my world.

Resist the temptation to copy or emulate other people's work. Copying can be a great way to learn and explore something new but it can also keep you from becoming that totally unique, fabulous, creative person with stand out style! 

Pay attention to the things you admire in other people's art, images and brand. Instead of emulating these things, try to use that admiration as a starting point. Then look for unique ways to put your own twist, style or ideas on concepts that inspire you. I like to pay attention to color, style, pop culture trends and then totally flicp the script and put my own twist on those trends.

Identify and take time to visit the places in your world that inspire you- these places don't have to be exotic- in fact the easier and more accessible they are, the better! My favorite places- my parent's back yard, the farmers market and Goodwill.

Look for creative inspiration OFF the internet! Look for unique color combos in your everyday routine. Get back to basics and sketch. Write down daily observations and ideas. Go on weekly photoshoots for unique images or inspiration to use in your art.

Experiment, play and explore some of your ideas without pressure to share them! I find that making art without any purpose is best way I can make discoveries.

Go hunting around the house or your everyday surroundings for interesting subject matter that can be used as inspiration in creative projects.

Take your sketchbook or notebook on your daily errands. Jot down what you see, what strikes you with appreciation, beauty, simplicity, etc.

Monday, July 16, 2018

embellished slides

When it come to summer, I pretty much wear slides all the time! They are comfy and so easy to slip on and off. And while I love a simple pair of shoes, I also LOVE embellishing my shoes with drawings (obviously)! And this summer I couldn't resist transforming a pair of faux leather slide sandals into something unique!

For a project like this- something that will get a lot of wear, I like to use an oil based paint pen- my favorite is a Sharpie. In my experience, the oil based pens work really well on faux leather or plastic.

My goal was to cover the entire surface with a white flower pattern.

The result is a super creative pair of $12 shoes that are totally unique!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

scribble journal

I don't know about you guys but I love to scribble! There is something really freeing about dropping pressure, expectations and the need for art to look like art. Scribbling is also a great way to express yourself and release emotion. Lately I've been keeping a journal just for scribbles- a place to simply mess around for five minutes a day. Here is a peek inside my scribble journal and a handful of ideas to get you started scribbling.
Hold you pen in the opposite hand.
Layer different materials.
Close your eyes and scribble.
Focus on an emotion, memory or experience while you scribble.
Fill all that space.
Hold more than one pen in your hand.
Try using different materials and supplies.
Try using a different speed, pressure for those scribbles.
Scribble in one direction.
Blast your favorite music while scribbling.
Limit your time to 5-10 minutes. 

Sunday, July 08, 2018

24 hour FLASH SALE! mixed media bundle

Hey friends! I've got another 24 hour FLASH SALE happening! I've bundled four mixed media themed classes together for major cost savings! If you are interested in learning all kinds of unique mixed media techniques, this is the deal for you! Head on over to the shop HERE for more details or to register!

Offer expires July 9th at 10pm PST


Supplies are a big part of my creative process but I don't like to spend lots of money on them. Over time I have figured out all kinds of ways to cut corners, create on a budget and use everyday things in my art. In this class, I am sharing my favorite tips, techniques and secrets for hacking your supplies and pushing them as far as they can go!

I love taking photos! Even more, I love finding unique ways to alter and transform those photos! In this class we will be using printed photographs as the backdrop for layering, painting, journaling and mixed media techniques. I will be sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks for turning pictures into a mixed media art!

I don't know about you but when it comes to the creative process I have ALL KINDS of creative experiments, demo pages, color swatches, half filled pages, mistakes and test surfaces. In this class we will be using up all those "toss away" pages and giving them new life! We explore shapes and abstraction through cutting and ripping up all that paper. Then we will transform those bits and pieces of color into unique collaged surfaces.

In this class we are going to dive into all kinds resist techniques! From a wax resist to using vaseline, soap, glue, paint, masking fluid and more I will be sharing some really creative ways to use everyday materials to create resists on a paper, canvas and fabric.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

around these parts

You can see more of life around these parts over on Instagram where I document and share a more personal look into our life. You can follow me HERE for a peek into our daily happenings.


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