Tuesday, March 20, 2018

moveable drying rack

When it comes to my creative process, I always run into a reoccurring problem- I never have enough space for drying my wet surfaces, especially paper. When I paint, especially art journal pages, I end up with a lot of wet paper and recently I decided it was time to figure out a better solution (besides the floor) for drying.
I experimented with a bunch of ideas but what ended up working the best was using an old clothing rack on wheels.

I wrapped twine around the rods to create a whole bunch of space for drying.

And I use binder clips to attach all that paper.

This rack is working so great! I love being able to move it around my studio depending on the project. Sometimes it's the simple ideas that end up being the best solution!



Els04 said...


Mary W said...

As an art teacher in a public elementary school, my daughter had to solve this problem with 25 kids and their large sheets of paper. They were wet and had to be moved at the end of each class. She found a rolling rack full of narrowly spaced wire racks that allowed for many classes to store their work while waiting to dry. I wonder if a cheaper version could be fashioned with thin cooling racks that can stack. When I 'art' with my granddaughter, we end up with wet paper everywhere so I really appreciate your idea.

Stephanie said...

what a great idea! thanks.

Immi said...

What a great Idea! Thanks for sharing!!

Tracy Carrig said...

Where did you find one of these? It's so perfect.


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