Wednesday, February 07, 2018

creating with a kid: abstract cardboard necklace

Lately I am loving the abstract jewelry trend that I am seeing out there. Lucy and I thought it would be fun to put our own twist on colorful statement necklaces but only use cardboard and paint!

Cardboard is actually a really versatile material, it can withstand lots of paint and it makes great jewelry because it is so lightweight.

We started by painting lots of messy layers of paint.

Lucy and I thought it would be fun to go for valentine themed surfaces so we used lots of pinks and reds and added little hearts and xo's.

We painted 2-3 layers on the front and back of our cardboard.

Once the paint was dry, we gave everything a quick coat of matte gel medium to seal the surface.

Then we cut up the cardboard into all kinds of shapes.

Then we started arranging the shapes.

And using jump rings, connected the shapes together

The last step was to add a chain.

The result is a super abstract and funky necklace!

You can find more ideas and inspiration for creating with a kid HERE



Katie said...

What a cute project idea. Your sissors also caught my eye too - did you decorate them? Also, did you find them easy to cut through the cardboard?

Mary said...

Love this idea! What a Great Valentine's Day gift for kids to make!

tisha @ quiltytherapy said...

This looks like so much fun! Who had more fun you or your daughter?

peggy gatto said...

fun idea, thanks!

Mridula said...


ginny said...

Thanks for a wonderful project idea. I think I will have the grandkids make these for mom and me.


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