Wednesday, July 19, 2017

creating with a kid: silly altered photos

Lucy has a GREAT sense of humor and loves jokes and pranks! So a favorite project around these parts is silly altered photos. There is something that feels a little rebellious about drawing on a photo, especially a family photo but it's a fun way to get silly and creative at the same time. 

We like to start by printing out a handful of family photos- portrait style photos seem to work the best for the process.

Then it's time to draw! Permanent pens and paint pens are perfect for drawing on the slick surface of a photo.

We like to keep things light and silly (nothing mean or inappropriate). 

From glasses to bunny ears to beards and freckles- Lucy loves transforming the photos into something totally wacky and weird! This is a process that always ends up in the giggles!

You can find more ideas and inspiration for creating with a kid HERE


Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

This is a very cute idea, I think I will do it with my grandkids.

jabbott said...

I use to do this with old magazines when I was a kid, like blacken out teeth and draw lots of pretend make up on over the pictures! Was really good fun!

Anonymous said...

Great idea.


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