Monday, May 02, 2016

spice jar face vases

I love finding creative ways to upcycle and after a big clean up and organization of our kitchen cupboards, we had a bunch of empty spice jars just waiting for a new life! I thought they were the perfect size and shape for bud vases.

And of course I decided to paint the jars! After cleaning them up and peeling off the labels, I grabbed some glass paint and got busy creating.

Most craft supplies stores will sell a variety of glass paint. Since my vases were just for decoration, I didn't have to be picky about the type of glass paint. 

I started by painting the jars with a couple coats of white paint. Then with a tiny brush I painted simple faces.

You could tackle a face in a variety of ways- really simple, realistic, whimsical or quirky. I keep my vases black and white and went for quirky. Sometimes its fun to create faces that are a little funky and have some personality! I added hair and a few details but overall I kept them simple.

I let the paint dry and then baked the glass jars in the oven according to the directions.

The result are super fun little bud vases! 


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