Tuesday, May 10, 2016

new batch of pottery in the shop!

Ok you guys! I have a big batch of new pottery in the SHOP. Lots of new designs and even some new little ikebana vases that I am totally in love with!

Ikebana vases are used to display any flower or stem upright.

Each vase comes with a floral frog and a piece of floral clay which can be used to set the floral frog in place. Once the frog is in the bottom of the vase, you add water.
Then you can arrange your flowers by pressing them into the pins of the floral frog. I like using this process to display a single flower or bud that has been cut short.

But you can also use flowers with long stems by pushing them into the floral frog pins. Add water and cover with moss to disguise the floral frog!

It's a really simple and beautiful way to display flowers!

You can check out the entire batch of pottery HERE


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