Thursday, May 26, 2016

nesting season at haystack rock

This my friends is Haystack Rock. Haystack Rock is a 235 foot sea stack located in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We are about 10 minutes away from this beautiful beach and it's one of our favorite local spots to hang out.
 I grew up here and honestly the magic of this place never ceases to amaze me.

What makes Haystack Rock and the surrounding rocks (they are called "The Needles) so cool is that there is wildlife everywhere! It was granted marine garden status back in 1990 which means no collecting plants or animals. But you can still explore and it is one of my favorite place to take photos.

From starfish to sea anemones, to crabs, chitons, sea slugs and more, there is some much to discover at low tide!
Haystack Rock is also a nesting site for all kinds of sea birds and right now we are in the midst of nesting season. This means hundreds and thousands of sea birds flock to the surface of the rock and make nests, lay eggs, feed their chicks and then fly off to the ocean. It is an amazing sight to see especially because we get flocks of Tufted Puffins nesting. 

haystack rock from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

We've spent a couple of mornings down here photographing the nesting activity and it is really beautiful to see all the different birds flocking to the rock.

There are so many birds flying back and forth gathering materials for their nests, bringing back fish for their chicks- it's a lot of activity and it is amazing.

If you look closely you can see all kinds of Pelagic Cormorant (I am pretty sure this is the name of these birds) up on the rocks.
Photographing birds is really hard and I've spent years trying capture the illusive puffins that flock here in the spring. While these little guys are everywhere, they are so hard to capture because they are so busy but FINALLY I was able to capture a few photos! 

Oh how I love nature!


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