Friday, August 28, 2015

live in the sunshine


Anonymous said...

We live by the sea too and was umming and ahhing about taking my three littlees down to the beach this morning and you've just persuaded me. Beautiful photos, especially love the last one of the two of you looking at each other!

I Will Bloom said...

So love these posts of yours; they always remind me that I should be bringing more 'fun' to our lives. Thank you.

Yana Ch. said...

All your photos are very beautiful!!

Stephanie said...


Brig said...

Awwwww ... What a beautiful spot!

Patricia said...

Lucky good life near the beach. Thanks.

Patricia Schwab said...

Did you get your hair cut? Pat S

Sue A said...

You and your daughter are beautiful, and so are the places you go. Someone takes awesome pics too! Thanks for sharing.

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