Tuesday, May 05, 2015

oven bake clay pinch pots

There are so many different ways to use polymer clay and recently I decided to make some cute stamped pinch pots.
Using Sculpey I kneaded and then rolled out the clay.

Using my own rubber stamps, I stamped into the clay. Lucy helped me with this step and LOVES this process- It is simple yet exciting enough for a toddler to join in!

Next, I rolled the clay into the shape of a little pot and lightly pinched the seam together.

I added a round piece of clay for the bottom and again, lightly pinched the seams together.

I used a knife to add a little bit of texture around the top and bottom.

I baked the little pots in the oven according the directions.

After baking the pots, I got busy adding color. You could leave them white but I wanted to add a little extra color to really bring out the pattern and texture on the surface.

Using acrylic paint, I cover the surface.

While the paint it still wet, I used a damp cloth to wipe the paint away. You are left with a light wash of color and darker pigment in the impression of the design.

At this point you can leave it as is or you can seal it. I like using the same product I use to seal many of my painting projects- Golden Acrylic Polymer Varnish
I think these little pots so cute are perfect for tiny succulents!


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