Wednesday, May 20, 2015

cement stepping stones

We spend a lot of time in our backyard garden and as time goes by we continue to add fun little embellishments to the space. This year we wanted to add a fun little step stone path and decided this project would be the perfect opportunity to dig into our family shell and rock collection.

The first thing we did was pull out all of our shells and pick select our favorites. Then using slices of a product called Quick-Tube, we traced circles onto an old piece of plywood.

Quick-Tube is fiber building tube made for concrete columns but you can also slice it up and create really simple forms for stepping stones. (FYI- you can also use an old cake pan as a form) 

We had fun arranging our shells and rocks.

Next, Andy mixed up the cement- we used Cement All and added a little bit of pea gravel to the mixture. Then we poured the cement into the forms and on top of our shells and rocks. 

Andy braced the forms with some 2 x 2 pieces of wood to keep things from moving around.

Once the cement cured (we let them sit for about 24 hours), then we popped them out of the forms.

I created a little path with our stepping stones and large river rocks. 

Needless to say, the entire project was a HUGE hit with Lucy! And I love that all those shells and stones that we have collected as a family are embedded into the path.


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