Tuesday, May 26, 2015

boho wall hanging

So if you didn't know, fiber weavings are totally trending right now and as much as I love the bohemian look and feel of a weaving, I personally have no time to learn (not yet)! So I decided to come up with something that had the same look and feel but made use of the materials and skills that I already have- painting- to create a boho inspired wall hanging.

I am most comfortable using canvas but just about anything could be used for this project- fabric, leather, denim, even thick paper. I started by cutting a large strip of canvas and painting it white.

Then I sketched out my design. This took some planning but I finally settled on some shapes and pattern that I see in both weavings and rugs.

Next, I painted everything. Since the shapes and designs were simple, I really needed vibrant color to add some POP! 

Once the color was dry, I used one of my favorite supplies- Tulip Dimensional Paint (or puff paint) to add lots of tiny embellishments.

The last step was to create faux fringe at the bottom of my wall hanging. I simply cut the bottom into strips and then gave the ends of the fringe a little trim.

I really love the way it turned out. It's great way to add bright color and bohemian flair to a room!


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