Monday, April 27, 2015

lettering with makewells: dress up your mail

Hello! It's Megan here with another guest post about lettering, and I'm super excited about what I have to share today!

One of my favorite 'simple pleasures' in life is opening up the mail box and finding a hand addressed letter. Tucked away inside the ads, bills, and catalogs, there's a special goodie just for me. Oh the joy! As I open it, I know that I don't owe the sender money, they aren't trying to sign me up for the latest credit card, and, even if what's inside is a simple 'hello', it can be a wonderful moment in my day.

Today I am challenging you to take what you've learned so far in this lettering series, and put it into practice in a very tangible way. Send some snail mail!

Addressing an envelope is the perfect way to practice your lettering skills.  Each name and address is simply a combination of letters, words, and phrases. Addressing creatively can be an extension of your lettering practice. The only rules are that it fits a stamp is is legible! (I sometimes do the "husband test" and if he can read it easily, I trust the post office can too!)
And just think of the smile you will bring someone when they receive your work of art!

If you aren't super confident in your lettering skills yet, painting your envelope first is an easy way to dress it up. Painting simple patterns on your envelope before lettering is easy, but makes a big impression.

But if you don't have time for paint to dry, practicing your lettering techniques with pen and pencils can make just as big an impact. 

In the envelopes below, I used my white uniball signo gel pen to do the lettering, and then a graphite pencil for the drop shadow. 

The drop shadow gives it that extra pop which I love...

Or for an even softer effect, try using a colored pencil. With this navy blue envelope, I drew my letters with a white colored pencil. On the dark paper, it really pops - and almost gives it a chalky effect.  Little doodles and embellishments add a finishing touch.

And if you have the time to make something extra special, try painting the name and address! I love painting on kraft envelopes - the colors pop so nicely against the neutral brown. For this one, I drew the letters very lightly in white pencil before painting on top, adding a drop shadow at the end for dimension.

So practice away AND brighten someone's day with your work. In today's world full of emails and texts, and hand written note says goes a long way. And with an envelope disguised as a work of art, your mail is bound to make someone smile! 

Remember to use #redefinecreativelettering on instagram to share what you've created!

Megan Wells

Makewells - an art blog


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