Friday, April 03, 2015

last minute easter table

It's pretty typical in "blog land" for people s to share all kind of fancy ideas and products to use in holiday decorating. But I am not a typical blogger because when it comes to holidays around our house, I always wait until the last minute to figure out what I will do and how I will decorate my table. So with Easter this weekend, I wanted to share my own last minute table setting- everything on my table has been gathered from around my home to pull together something simple, pretty and spring inspired!

Above is what I was able to pull together:

Before I spend money on flowers, I like to try and create simple bouquets from our yard. From shrubs to herbs to branches, I will use just about anything to bring nature inside.

I also like to grab potted plants and flowers from around the house and add them to my tablescape.

Whenever I entertain, I enjoy using mis-matched dishes. 

I used thrift store tea cups that I've had packed away and filled them with wheat grass to create spring inspired place cards holders.

I would never spend money on napkin rings because they are so easy to make! I grabbed a cardboard roll from the recycling bin, cut it up into rings and covered them with washi tape.

I rarely use a table cloth when entertaining- instead I grab a roll of craft paper and make my own covering!

Then I pull everything together- you don't need much to pull together a beautiful last minute table!


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