Thursday, April 09, 2015

by my side

Once upon a time I used to make art in my studio alone. Then I had a kid and for the last 3 years (actually 4 if you count pregnancy), she has been by my side while I create. Lately I have been doing a lot thinking about my schedule- things I can change and how I can be more productive. I know that it would be really easy to keep my studio and creative time sacred and separate from being a mom. I know it would be easy to drop Lucy off at my parents house every single time that I need to create. As an artist it can be challenging to stay focussed and a toddler in the studio is really distracting but having Lucy with me feels normal. Gone are the days of hours to myself making art and in their place are precious moments shared with my daughter. Including and inviting her to be a part of my process has been the most powerful part of my journey as an artist. I am more inspired now, even with limited time and a wild kid splattering paint on my floor than I was when I worked alone. And while I know as she gets older things will change, right now I am just grateful to spend so much time with her by my side.

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