Tuesday, August 26, 2014

canvas car storage bags

When you have a kid, the car is home to LOTS OF CLUTTER so I have been on a mission to find some simple and creative ways to get our car organized! As you all know by now, we love paint and canvas so I thought it would be fun to create some colorful and messy canvas car storage bags for books, toys, snacks and anything else that we take on the road.

This was a perfect project for Lucy to help with! I let her paint the first couple of layers of canvas (letting each layer dry in between) then I went back in and added my own little creative touches to the final layer.

Next, I sewed the canvas into simple bags that were long enough to hang from the seats in the car. 

I added pockets and a strap.

tip: use a denim needle when sewing canvas with layers of paint!

The result is a colorful and funky way to keep things the car a little more tidy! 

And speaking of canvas...I've got a fresh batch of canvas pouches hot off the sewing machine! Head on over to my shop HERE to see the entire collection. They always sell out fast so get em' while you can!

For those new to my blog- A big part of my creative business used to be making one of kind handbags from my canvas paintings (and then I had a baby)! When I have time in my schedule for sewing, I have one of a kind pouches and bags available in my shop. 


  1. Great idea! I need something like that for my own car! I know what i am going to be sewing today! :)

  2. Wanted a zippered pouch but the only ones not sold are saying temporarily I available.

  3. Oh my gosh, just fantastic. What a great idea. xox

  4. Clever! I love the way they look.

  5. These are fabulous!! Even though my kids are grown , my car is still a mess, a different sort of mess, more like a studio annex!! Brilliant idea here and Lucy must be so proud of her work!! you are a fabulous mother BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Letting her play a part in all of your adventures is opening her up to so many creative possibilities!! BRAVO!!!!

  6. The bags are stunning! Really beautiful!

  7. They are so gorgeous!



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