Thursday, July 10, 2014

a family rock garden

After finishing our backyard renovation, we have been working on all kinds of little projects outside, things that will make our garden and yard a little more colorful and creative. My favorite project has been creating a family rock garden- we have a couple of spots with really rocky soil and a colorful rock garden was the perfect solution! 

Painting rocks is nothing new or original but it is truly one of my favorite simple projects for anyone, any age! So over the last month we have been collecting and painting rocks as a family.
We thought it would be fun to incorporate all of our different styles and things that are important and special to us as family- like writing down memories and moments, our favorite quotes, song lyrics or things we like to say around the house, shapes and symbols, doodles and drawings and all kinds of colorful designs.

We've created lots of rocks and have challenged ourselves to continue to create more as the months go by. We even plan on inviting guests and family to paint a rock when they come over to add to the collection. The idea is to have a big rock garden full of color, creativity and memories that can be collected over time. 

Tip- Finish painted rocks with a clear coat of polyurethane to keep paint safe from the elements.


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