Wednesday, February 12, 2014

broiled grapefruit

I have a MAJOR sweet  tooth (like I can devour an entire package of Oreos no problem) so I am always trying to find creative and healthier ways to satisfy my sweet cravings .One of my favorites is broiled grapefruit. Broiling the grapefruit brings out the flavor and it so crazy DELICIOUS!

    Grapefruit- broiled alone it is yummy but you can also add toppings

    Additional toppings-
    a sprinkle of brown sugar
    a sprinkle of cinnamon
    my favorite- toasted coconut with a little bit of diced basil

    Start by preheating your boiler
    Slice your grapefruit in half
    Segment the grapefruit
    Sprinkle the sugar and/or honey on top
    Place grapefruit on a cookie sheet
    Cook for 5-7 minutes or until the sugar is caramelized 
    If you are using coconut or anything that cooks quickly, then add at the very end of broiling.
    Let the grapefruit cool and then enjoy!


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