Monday, September 09, 2013

new online classes

I have been hard at work creating new online classes and I am excited to share my fall/winter schedule of classes!

The concept and understanding of layers is at the foundation of just about everything that I create. From painting, to drawing, to sewing and even crafting- I LOVE LAYERS!!!! There is nothing more beautiful than color on top of pattern, on top of texture, on top of images! There is something about layers (that are done well) that has the abilty to capture the essence of the creative process and invites the viewer to look deeper into the surface. 

In this class I will share all that I know about building layers. I will demonstrate how to use color theory, understand contrast, design and how to use all kinds of supplies (paint, pens, paper, stamps, stencils and more) to build beautiful and dymanic layers that can stand alone or be used as a background for a composition.

Class goes live September 27, 2013
Class cost- $30
To register or for more information visit my shop HERE 

I am obsesed with creating surface pattern and these days a lot of the art that I make revolves around finding unique ways to transform my drawings and doodles into pattern. From finding inspiration to working with color to building pattern with simple tools and supplies I am excited to share my favorite tips, tricks and techniques for creating a surface full of pattern.

Class goes live October 21, 2013
class cost- $30
To register or for more information visit my shop HERE 

I fell in love with printmaking back in college, so much so that I decided to declare it (and painting) as my major. I still can't seem to get enough of the printmaking process- there is something unique (and addictive) about the process of transferring an image from one surface to another. 

In this class I will share some of my favorite printmaking techniques, tools and how to work with every day supplies. From monotypes to relief printing to lithography to trendy Gelli Plate printing and more! I will demonstrate simple ways to incorporate all kinds of printmaking techniques into your creative process.

Class goes live November 15, 2013
class cost- $30
To register or for more information visit my shop HERE

Back in 2005 I started a blog to document my journey as an artist and today my little blog has grown into something I never could have imagined- I currently have millions of readers all over the world, my blog has enabled me to generate income for my creative business, many of my posts and projects have "gone viral" or been picked up by a variety of sites and magazines but the best part is that I have been able to inspire and connect with amazing people! 

In this class I will share all of the blogging tips, techniques and secrets that I have discovered over time. We will dive into a variety of topics such as- design, photography, how to come up with unique content, staying organized, blogging schedules, growing readership, using Pinterest and SO MUCH MORE! Blogging is something that I am incredibly passionate about and I am excited to share that passion with you!

Class goes live January 6, 2014
Class cost- $50
To register or for more information visit my shop HERE 

For the first time I am offering what I am calling a "season pass".  This pass will include all four fall/winter classes - Layers of Love, Draw and Repeat, Print.Make.Play and The Art of Blogging. The season pass costs $110 (compare at $140 for all four classes seperately) a savings of $30 or the cost of one small class! If you are interested in taking all four classes, this is the option for you!

To purchase a season pass visit my shop HERE 


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