Thursday, April 25, 2013

make your mark

Mark making is such a simple yet profound component in creating art. Often I take for granted those simple lines, scribbles and swipes of the brush because I am lost and swept up in a creative moment. So in an attempt to be more aware of my own mark making process, I have put together my favorite (and simple) ways to make marks of all kinds.

Using your fingers is not only a wonderful way to create unique and expressive areas of color but its also messy fun!

You can make a mark with just about any object. From cardboard rolls (above) to bubble wrap to chopsticks or silverware- use your creativity to find unique objects to make marks.

I love using scribbles to create a background, to fill white space or even to add a messy element. The best part about scribbling is that you can use just about any materials to scribble- even spray paint!

ball point pen still life drawing by my husband Andy

Crosshatching can be used in all kinds of ways- to shade, add texture, create pattern and add dimension.

Brushstrokes are my favorite way to make marks on my canvas. I love messy swipes of colorful brushstrokes over the top of collage elements.

I love using dots in both my drawings and paintings. They are great for adding texture, pattern and added interest to a block of color within a composition. Try using contrasting colors for your dots for added POP!



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