Wednesday, April 03, 2013

altered easter baskets

There is a good chance if you have kids, you probably have Easter baskets leftover from last weekend. I can't bear to get rid of a good basket (I use then to organize my supplies) but I also don't have much use for pastel baskets with big handles. So I went to work altering some Easter baskets in three different (and simple) ways...

The first thing I did was cut the handles off the baskets. A basket without handles is easier to use for storage in different places. 

Wrapping the surface with different materials is a simple and fast way to transform a basket. 

I used upcycled fabric, braided it and wrapped it around the basket, using hot glue as I wrapped.
Cord (ribbon, fabric, string, yarn or anything that can be wrapped) will work!
Covering a basket with fabric is just about the easiest way to make it new. All you need is a piece of fabric (an old scarf, t-shirt, scrap of fabric) and some hot glue.

With a little spray paint you can easily alter a basket. Keep it plain or add details. I used a white paint pen to add details. 


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