Friday, January 04, 2013

fashion friday- jewelry organizer

I am finally getting around to organizing my jewelry collection and I needed a way to keep everything up high and away from little hands (that seem to find a way to get into everything). After giving it some thought, I decided to find a picture frame that I could use to display my earrings. During a trip to a local thrift store I found a large round frame. I removed the art, spray painted the frame white and then added screen (comes in rolls to repair window screens at the hardware store) to the back of the frame.

I then began the process of organizing, untangling and hanging my earrings.

I hung it on the wall and added a coat rack below for all of my necklaces. 

There are so many everyday things (besides a picture frame) that can be used to organize and display jewelry and accessories here are a few more of my favorite ideas that I found searching the web-

1. jewelry organizer made from a coat hanger from HERE 2. cheese grater earring holder from HERE 3. teacup jewelry storage from HERE 4. jewelry box for the wall from a shadow box frame from HERE


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