Wednesday, December 19, 2012

using beads in your gift wrapping

My mom is one of the most creative people I know, not only is she a ceramic artist but she can turn just about anything into something unique and creative. And for as long as I can remember she always finds really pretty ways to wrap gifts for any occasion. Recently I asked if she would put together a project with some gift wrap inspiration and what she came up with are a few gorgeous ways to use beads in gift wrapping. 

A bead spinner is just about the coolest thing out there (would make a really fun holiday gift too). To use- you fill the spinner with small beads and then spin those beads onto any kind of stringing materials (we used 24 gauge wire).

We created a variety of different colors of beaded wire- measuring around 45 inches and then turned those beaded wires into all sorts of pretty little embellishments to top packages!

Wrap a package with beaded wire and then bend and twist more beaded wire into a bow.

Make Beaded Flowers

1. Start by crimping the ends of the wire so the beads won't fall off and then twist the wire into loops. 2. Work your way down the wire, twisting to create more loops. 3. As more loops are created begin bending your wire into a spiral so that the loops overlap and it forms the shape of a flower. 4. Add a large bead or even more wire beads to the center. 5. Finish with a pin on the back so that your topper can double as a gift!

Wire is SO versatile and forgiving - there are all kinds of ways to create flowers and shapes. Use your creativity to bend, twist and manipulate that beaded wire into a variety of sculptural objects!

1. Create the center of a flower by folding beaded wire in half. 2. Then twist it together. 3. Next gather and "scrunch" the wire so that it rolls up into something that resembles a knot! 

These little embellishments can be used for the center of flowers, can be turned into a pair of earrings or used alone to embellish all kinds of creative projects. 

We created simple felt flowers and added tiny beaded knots to the center and added a pin to the back (could also turn then into hair clips).


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