Thursday, November 08, 2012

harvesting seeds

My mom is a long time gardner and every fall she harvests the seeds from the flowers in her gardens. Over weeks and months she collects the seed pods from the plants, dries them out and then stores them in paper envelopes. This year I thought it would be fun to make creative seed packets to store the seeds and to use as holiday stocking stuffers and present toppers!

Untitled-1 copy copy
1. I started with some quick sketches of flowers on recycled book pages. 2. I added color with watercolors. 3. Next I scanned my flower sketches and used Photoshop to alter and add text to them. 4. Last I printed out the flower labels, cut them out and used brown paper to create small envelopes and added the flower images to the envelope.

Now its time to fill the packets with seeds!

Picture 8
Picture 16
IMG_4232 copy


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