Friday, November 02, 2012

fashion friday- recycled felt medallion necklace

I have spent months staring at a pile of baby food jar lids hoping that I would come up with something unique and creative to make with them. FINALLY one day it hit me- they are the perfect size for a medallion for a necklace and I could fill the inside with something colorful and creative. There are probably all kinds of unique ways to fill the inside of a lid (beads, resin, metal, found objects, etc) but I decided on doing something a little unexpected- using felt.

1. I started with colorful felt and cut out a circle the size of my lid. 2. I cut small colorful shapes that would be arranged on top of the black felt. 3. Using my sewing machine, a free motion foot and white thread, I sewed all of my shapes down to the to black circle (I love messy stitching so I went a little wild) 4. Next I prepared my lid by drilling a hole at the top so I could add a jump ring. 5. Then I used Tacky Glue and glued down a piece of stuffing. 6. I glued my felt medallion onto the stuffing and tucked the edges under the lip of the lid.

Last, I added a jump ring and put it on a chain. I loved it so much I created a few and even turned one into a big statement ring!



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