Monday, September 03, 2012

fall leaves wreath

September is here and autumn is on her way (at least in the Pacific Northwest) and its my tradition to create a fall wreath to welcome the changing seasons. I decided to make use of what I have on hand- lots of leaves in the yard that are already turning beautiful shades of brown and red.

Untitled-1 copy
I started by collecting leaves in a variety of shapes and different shades of brown.
Next I used Tulip 3-D paint in gold and embellished the surface of each leaf.
Last, I glued all of the leaves to a wooden embroidery hoop.

Voila! A simple but beautiful little fall wreath!

Note- for those who have asked about the leaves lasting over time- I used leaves from wild Salal, a shrub that is growing all over our yard. The leaves are quite "heavy duty" and thick and are often used in flower arrangements/fresh and dried. When I create wreaths like this I am less concerned about lasting strength- its more about the process of creating an artful object that will last for just a little while.

For a more permanent solution you could photocopy (in color) your fall leaves, cut out and then embellish gold.


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