Monday, March 05, 2012

my gift to you!

I have been working on a little project over here as a small thanks to all of you out there that visit my blog, take my classes and support my creative endeavors. This space, this little community that has evolved from my blog, brings me so much joy and I just have to say that I love and appreciate all of you! I have been hard at work for a while, creating a FREE mini online class. The topic is something that I am incredibly passionate about and so excited to share with all of you!

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If you have taken my classes or read my blog, you will know that I am very passionate about seeking inspiration off the computer and in my world. In my opinion, before you can develop a consistent creative routine, you really need to identify the things that inspire you, that catch your eye, that get you excited about making art, that will motivate you to be consistent and keep your work authentic. I call this "finding my Muse" and it has become the most important part of my creative process. In a world full of the internet, t.v., social media and LOTS OF SHARING- my brain is often overloaded and I need to get back to basics when I create. I want my work to be authentic and to speak to my life and my experiences- the only way I can do this is by seeking my Muse in my everyday moments, in my community and off the computer. I have put together this free mini class to share with you my own philosophy and the process that I go through when I am looking for my Muse. My hope is that you will find inspiration to get off the computer (once in a while) look closely at the world around you, find joy and beauty in your life and set out to seek your own Muse.

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In addition I am also having a sale on all of my online classes this week!
For a complete list of classes visit my online shop HERE

Again...thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting all that I do!


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