Sunday, January 08, 2012

updates from the studio

Its time for a little update before I forget everything that is going on!! I have been really busy over here and I honestly have no idea how I am juggling everything (some things not so well-like email- I promise I'll get back to you!) because there is a whole lot of this going on

In between the kisses, cuddling, silly noises and soothing (its really quite sickening) I am managing to get a lot done. Here are a few updates-

I have been doing a little cleaning up on my blog and wanted to just share a few changes and updates that might make your browsing a little easier!

Picture 1
Notice that I have a frequently asked questions section. I get asked so many questions on a daily basis about my supplies, my background, etc, so I have included many of the most frequently questions in the section. This section is always getting update with new questions so make sure you check back.

Picture 1

Want to look back at my tutorials, recipes, videos or my sketchbook? Well, I have organized everything so all you have to do is "click" instead of search!

Picture 3
I also have many of my most popular posts organized by topic that you can find under labels.

Also if you want to browse by topic, word, name, color, etc on my blog you can enter your search topic into "search this blog".

Picture 5
The right hand column of my blog is dedicated to all of my lovely sponsors! Take a moment to browse through all the lovely talent! Interested in becoming a sponsor? email me at for information.

Picture 3
I am super excited to be teaching at the CREATE Retreat once again- this year its in Irvine, CA! I will be teaching four classes- Beneath the Surface, Larger Than Life, Doodles and Drawings and Make your Mark

Registration just went live so head on over to the site HERE for all the information.

Picture 4
I am honored to be included in Jenny Doh's latest book Creative Pilgrimage. It is a beautiful book full of lots artists, inspiration and a look behind the scenes of some of the most popular art retreats and gatherings!

My latest class Create Daily is live and going fabulous! I am so thrilled about the response and the amount of activity and inspiration going on with all the students! Its not too late to join in the creative fun...check out all the details HERE!

I have more exciting things to share in the weeks an months ahead that I am giddy to share!! So stay tuned!


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