Monday, January 23, 2012

sketchbook delight part 2


I have been hard at working putting the finishing touches on my next online class- Sketchbook Delight Part 2! I really can't believe the feedback and amazing amount of participation that Sketchbook Delight has received and after many requests I have put together a sequel full of advanced sketching and drawing techniques, projects, drawing prompts, new concepts and lots of INSPIRATION!


All of my classes have unlimited access- once you register you can create and access at any time and work at your own pace. Whenever I "release" a new class- I always structure it in a five week format. Many people who want to work in this format, as the lessons are posted each week, enjoy working at this pace but once the five weeks are up there is unlimited time to access everything.

I have found that some people prefer to work along with the five week format when I release the class while others will wait months until they have the time, money and the schedule to register for the class. Either way works- just know that once you are in- there is no deadline or pressure to create.


The class goes live February 1st and tomorrow I will be giving you another preview and will be hosting a giveaway for 3 free spots in the class! So check back tomorrow for a chance to win!


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