Wednesday, February 02, 2011

a few new products- my last CHA post

So this is how I spent the last four days at CHA- demoing over and over again all the fun stuff you can do with Tulip's fabric markers at the iLoveToCreate booth. I was thrilled to have this opportunity to work with iLoveToCreate because if I am going to be honest, there are few products at CHA that I would actually work with. While I LOVE walking the show, seeing what is going on in the industry and connecting with creative friends, it has become evident to me that I am creative minimalist (when it comes to supplies). iLoveToCreate makes many of my staple supplies that I have been using for years! They have a some fun new products coming to stores soon that were debuting at the show and I thought I would share a little peek-

please excuse the photos- taking pics under convention center fluorescent light is challenging


It is no secret that a black maker goes a LONG way in my world and I love the Tulip Fabric Markers. There are already a variety sold in stores right now (Michaels, Joanne, etc) that come in different colors and tips and iLoveToCreate will be adding more to the line very soon and I am excited!



If you are a regular reader you will know how much I adore dimensional paint (AKA puffy paint) and that is why I went CRAZY for this this new Tulip product- Beads in a Bottle.

It comes in a variety of really great colors.


And it is a little like dimensional paint but when it dries it ends up looking and feeling like a bead!



I don't typically use glitter (cause I am TOO messy!) but these new line of shimmer sheets make working with glitter totally clean and easy! They are sheets of iron on glitter that can be cut in shapes or letters or even be used with a punch to create a fabric embellishments (without the mess!).



There are also shimmer paints in yummy colors that can be used on fabric!

Here is Kathy Cano-Murillo (Crafty Chica) and I having fun with the shimmer paint. We started to lose it after four days of demoing!

Looking for a fun party idea or even a project for kids? The Tulip body art stencils, glitters and paint would be perfect! There are a variety of stencils, glitter, and paints and they last for a couple of days.

Lots of beautiful colors.

Of course I couldn't resist getting one!


Now that I am back home it is time to jump back into life! My latest online class Sketchbook Delight starts at Monday, Feb. 7th, I have a new website to launch and I am planning all kinds of Valentines Day Tutorials! Stay tuned...


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