Tuesday, August 03, 2010

updates from the studio


Things are moving fast over here and this last weekend I hit the wall...hard! I have not been sleeping very well and my problem isn't about feeling tired (I'm exhausted) my problem seems to be that I can't turn my darn brain off- it is filled to the tippy top with ideas, deadlines, planning, budgets, dreaming, projects and SO much more. I keep waking up in the wee hours and my brain just starts going....Did I email that person back? Did I ship that order? Should I use purple dye or blue dye for that fabric? Can I really make that deadline? Did I remember to book my hotel? Did I remember to charge my camera battery for the morning? Did we lock the front door? Why is my husband snoring so loud these days? And my brain just keeps going until I am wide awake and starting my day at 3:30am. Well, this weekend it caught up with me and I crashed on the couch while working on the computer and watching the X-Games. Thankfully my husband covered me in a blanket and let me sleep a good part of Sunday away. (He then proceeded to snap photos of me sleeping- he has a new camera and I am not joking when I say that he sneaks around taking candid photos everywhere- it is turning into a problem!)

This week I seem to be back to a normal sleep schedule, I have been making progress with my to list and once again it is time for a pause to share a handful of updates!

larger than life

At the end of this month I will be traveling to Chicago to teach at the first ever Cloth Paper Scissors CREATE Retreat and I am so excited!
My classes only have two more spaces left- Larger Than Life and The Trashy Clutch
so if you are in the Rosemont/Chicago area I would love if you joined us!!!

I am so excited to share that I am in three Stampington and Company publications that are all on stands now! Thrilled to be featured in the recent issue of Artful Blogging!!


Graffiti shoes in Altered Couture!


And a few of my past projects from past issues are included Hand Crafted volume six!


I will be closing my Etsy shop for the month of August and will reopen in September. I am in major work mode over here with my book and this month is crucial for me with deadlines. So closing the shop made the most sense in maintaining a little bit of sanity! But I am planning to open in the fall with ALL new stuff, a new look and more. I will keep everyone updated!


Color Your World -my latest latest online class is underway and so far I am having such a creative blast sharing my favorite color theory and inspiration!

monochromatic exercise

So far we have covered basic color theory, creating with monochromatic color schemes, looking for color inspiration and now we are on to incorporating more than 1 color in projects. There is still time to join in on the colorful fun! click for more details


And last...I am SUPER excited to have joined the blogging team over at I Love to Create and once a month I will be posting some creative tutorials with their products. Stay tuned later this month for more info!!

ok that is all for now...time for a cat nap!


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