Tuesday, March 09, 2010

creative fun on the hallway floor

It might surprise you to learn that while I have two creative, encouraging, self employed artists for parents, I was not allowed to paint in the house- I was too messy and always seemed to ruin carpet and furniture with paint! (to this day when I am at home my dad prefers that I paint in the garage or outside!) The result of this upbringing has just made me want to paint in the house even more and while I typically reserve creating for my studio only (it really is best to keep the mess out of your living space), I throughly enjoy retouching our painted floors- it always feels like I am doing something wrong or breaking the "no painting in the house rule". You will recall a few weeks ago I was debating about whether or not to paint our white floors another color. After lots of discussion, paint swatches, and research we decided to stick with white. I just couldn't commit to a color that I wouldn't eventually get tired of. Instead I decided to repaint our white floors and change the colors of the pillows on the couch (more on that in an upcoming post). And per my husband's suggestion- I had a little bit of creative fun on the hallway floor- I quickly sketched some of my flower designs and jumped right into painting a block of color and pattern.


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