Sunday, September 21, 2008

It Is Official....

So I spent the weekend in Vegas and it is official....I don't think that I like Las vegas very much. It was my first time there and probably my last- Don't get me wrong, I am sure lots of people have a great time but for non drinkers and gamblers, or clubers, or people who don't have extra spending money or people who like lots of people- there just wasn't that much left to do. But thankfully the hubby and I are creative and always find our own kind of fun together like taking silly pictures everywhere we went- like this...

and this

and this...

and this!!

But the highlight of trip was anything having to do with Cirque du Soleil- we found a sculpture exhibit that was inspired by the Cirque performers by artist Richard Macdonald and much to our surprise he was there at the gallery that night which was pretty cool.  But the best part was going to see KA which was amazing.  

If you never have seen a Cirque performance...go, go, GO!!! For me it is like watching art come to life and it is so visually inspiring.  

So even though I most likely won't go back, I am always happy to have time away with my husband and time away from from everyday life. But now it time to jump right back into my own craziness!!!!!

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