Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I made a spur of the moment decision last week to slow down a bit and enjoy the last days of August.  I have been a whirlwind of activity, in constant motion working, working and working some more and I finally had enough!  SO the last two weekends I spent at the pool, sitting on our lovely garden patio, going to movies and spending much needed time as a wife.  The last year has been so full of activity that I had forgotten how good it feels to just enjoy time spent in peace and calm and doing not much of anything too intense!  In the last week I visited Borders 3 times because I have been plowing through the Twilight series of books which have been great to read by the pool and have let my brain just escape into a fun and quick story! One of my trips I remembered to stop and find my own book there it was in the craft section of Borders ( I had a happy moment) and then it was off to devoure another vampire novel by the pool.  Now I am preparing myself for a mass of in laws at our house for the next week and it will be more disctractions for me but I am finding that it helps my creativity if I step away and just be normal and then come back to all of my creative goals...balance.


  1. glad you've had some days to just be free and happy.

  2. cheers to balance! wish I had spent more time soaking it up this summer....

  3. I came across you blog after a night of searching for crafty blogs. Now weeks later I am a daily reader of your blog, I love it. I got your book when I went to Austin TX on a trip and I haven't put it down. Bad Review... Whatever... they are so wrong. Can't wait for your future posts and genus ideas. Diane



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