Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year-New Goals

So it is two weeks into the new year and though I don't make resolutions I am a big planner and am obsessed with my goals and I am now feeling overwhelmed by all of the things that I want to do and there is never enough time! After spending 10 days during the holidays back at home (yes I still call Oregon home) my desire to leave Southern California is stronger than ever. It is strange, I have been here for 5 years and it still feels so temporary to me. We had a wonderful time with family and it was so wonderful to show Andy and his family all the lovely little pockets of the Oregon Coast. Someday soon I know that our path will take me back until then I will keep being loyal to my passions. I have been in this creative mania lately, I can't stop making things, I can't stop finding new ways to push my ideas, I dream about every project that I work on...I am haunted by my art... yikes! This week I have spent my evenings going to the gym for spinning class and then home to print all sorts of my drawings on fabric which I am going to then create all sorts of fun stuff with. My ideas are endless and the whole concept of using all of my art with fiber and textiles makes me giddy! I can only imagine what my husband thinks when he walks in the door and there is fabric all over the living room floor, bees wax boiling on the stove and the me running around our little apartment from room to room working on all my projects! But amidst all of this chaos and messiness-I somehow manage to find my sanity, I am strangely at peace. So...I will keep my head down and keep working hard on all of my projects and goals- including growing my hair out- this will be the biggest challenge for me!

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