Thursday, December 07, 2006


Life feels strange right now, so many unknowns, so many possibilities, so many things to do. I have been on this creative whirl lately and it feels like I can't stop. It is all I think about, all I do in my free time- what a lovely feeling to have something so true and dear to me- my art. I still have a day job and thank goodness for the flexibility! Times like this keep reinforcing my desire to embrace a full time artist's life but I have to practice patience. Financial freedom in my life and my marriage is more important to me- I am working THIS hard for the next chapter in our lives and that chapter will involve working for myself as an artist- there I said it and now my dream is out there floating around in possibility-SCARY! Until that time I will keep myself focused and continue to work hard as possible even if it means staying up late painting, creating and trashing my poor messy art room!


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