Saturday, November 12, 2005

Creative Energy

I am feeling a creative energy that has been missing for a while and it feels good. Completing the graffiti project was really a fun accomplishment and it really gave me a lot of inspiration. I finally took a risk and really went wild in creating something without any boundaries, no worries about approval, I created something for me and the outcome has been rewarding. I have gotten so much postitive feedback and interest and it really gives me so much confidence to continue moving forward with my art and being open to take some chances and put myself out there.

Being an artist is strange, at times it feels like a burden- always feeling like I gotta keep going, keep making things, feeling like I have to somehow make it as a true artist but then you go through times of feeling dried up, like the inspiration is gone and you will never get it back and then something sparks an idea and you act on it, you make your idea become a reality and then all of sudden you are knee deep in creative energy and paint and making a wonderful mess. It is like a high- this process of creating something from nothing and when you are done, when your idea is complete you go back to square one- sometimes with new ideas, sometimes with no ideas and so the process starts over again and again and again...


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