Thursday, April 23, 2015

a reminder from the sea

Living at the ocean you get used to mother nature at her finest. From raging storms, beautiful sunsets, finding treasure and witnessing the cycle of life- you learn that the ocean is powerful, ever changing and full of mystery. A couple of weeks ago we woke up to the beaches covered with thousands of Vellela vellela- a type of jellyfish (often referred to as by-the-wind- sailors). These small animals float on top of the surface of the open ocean and ride the currents and wind searching for food. They use their triangular shaped sails to travel but are at the mercy of  wind and can wash ashore by the thousands when there is a big storm or heavy westerly winds.

I spent the day around the area photographing the Vellela vellela- something about this phenomenon was so inspiring, somber but inspiring. The shades of blue, the shapes, the pattern and sheer number covering the sand was truly a sight to behold and something I was compelled to capture. By the afternoon, as the tide came in, most of jellies were gone. Leave it to the ocean to remind me (again and again) how miraculous, sad and beautiful life can be all at once. 


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