Thursday, September 26, 2013

layers of love online class

My next class Layers of Love goes live this Friday, September 27th! 

The concept and understanding of layers is at the foundation of just about everything that I create. From painting, to drawing, to sewing and even crafting- I LOVE LAYERS!!!! There is nothing more beautiful than color on top of pattern, on top of texture, on top of images! There is something about layers (that are done well) that has the abilty to capture the essence of the creative process and invites the viewer to look deeper into the surface. 

In this class I will share all that I know about building layers. I will demonstrate how to use color theory, understand contrast, design and how to use all kinds of supplies (paint, pens, paper, stamps, stencils and more) to build beautiful and dymanic layers that can stand alone or be used as a background for a composition.

Class goes live September 27, 2013
Class cost- $30
To register or for more information visit my shop HERE 

Here is an itty bitty peek!


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