Monday, March 28, 2011

updates from the studio


It's that time again, time to post a handful of random updates. As usual there are lots of things going on over here and before I forget I want to mention a few :)


I am excited to have an article in the latest Stitch magazine.


Just a reminder that I will be teaching at Donna Downey's Inspired Artist Workshop in Concord/Charlotte, NC- May 11-14th!!! The four day event is jam packed with six amazing teachers, workshops, mini workshops, events and the opportunity to challenge, grow and expand your creativity. Visit Donna's site for all the info

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I will also be teaching four workshops at the Cloth Paper Scissors CREATE Retreat in Costa Mesa, CA. May 18-22nd. LOTS of teachers and LOTS of classes at this retreat!
Check out all the info here

Sew Wild
If you didn't already new book Sew Wild is available for pre- order and I am getting SOOO excited for the release! To pre- order and take a peek inside the book visit here!

As I have mentioned, I am hard at work designing, collaborating and creating new work (with my mom) for my new website and shop! I was hoping that it would be ready to go live by the end of March but because I am doing everything myself (photography, web design, etc) it is looking like April will be more realistic but I will keep you all updated and continue to give you little peeks at things that I have coming.


Recently I have received a lot of inquiries about how access works for my most recent class Sketchbook Delight that I wanted to answer here-

All of my classes have unlimited access- once you register you can create and access at any time and work at your own pace. Whenever I "release" a new class- like the recent Sketchbook Delight- I always structure it in a five week format. Many people who want to work in this format, as the lessons are posted each week, enjoy working at this pace but once the five weeks are up there is unlimited time to access everything.

I have found that some people prefer to work along with the five week format when I release the class while others will wait months until they have the time, money and the schedule to register for the class. Either way works- just know that once you are in- there is no deadline or pressure to create :)


And last (for now) I have been working on my next couple of online classes and soon, very soon I will be sharing the details. I have some fun things planned!


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