Monday, August 09, 2010

keeping a color journal


I am TOTALLY immersed in color over here- partially because of the online class that I am teaching right now but also because I am working on projects for my book, new work and challenging myself to understand and grow with color (a daily ritual in my life!). For me it is a MUST to practice, understand and work with color theory and I thought I would share a peek at my color journal and color notes. I keep a "color only" journal with me at all times and I also keep a digital color journal full of photos, inspiration and digital color palettes. I have found that when you work on a better relationship and better understanding of color in your creative life, the easiest place to start is by keeping journal. Keeping a journal that is dedicated only to color observation and reflection is a really wonderful way to build up a resources of information and a way to be more intentional when working with color. Here are a few tips for starting a color journal!


Carry a journal everywhere you go- it doesn't have to be fancy just a place to record inspiration.


Incorporate swatches of color and color combos.


Collect scraps of paper, photos, fabric, paint chips in colors that you like.

analogous scheme

Pay close attention to the colors that you enjoy, photos that pop, fashion that you love and record your findings-

How does a color combo make you feel?
What makes you notice certain colors?
How could you incorporate those colors into you work?

blue orange


Practice with your favorite colors.

triadic study
Pay attention to the colors that you use in your
work and make note of your discoveries.

photo inspiration

Use photos for inspiration- build a color palette from your favorite photos.

carolina herrera dress

Look to the latest fashion trends for color inspiration.


Practice, practice and practice some more!
Challenge yourself to practice using and creating with color in different mediums and tools.

most important...HAVE FUN with color!!


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