Monday, April 07, 2008

This Chapter

I am happy to say that we are officially first time home owners of a great little townhouse in San Diego . I am still in shock that we were actually able to buy a place in Southern California without going into extreme debt or poverty- and I never in a million years thought we would decide to stay in San Diego but the ease of everything that has been happening lately brought us to a place of being open to embrace the path that we are on and thankful for the life we created in California. Though my heart is often in Oregon and I have HUGE dreams of owning land and an actual house- I have (strangely) found peace in knowing that this is just the beginning and nothing is set in stone. Opportunities (as I have learned over this last year) can present themselves when least expecting it and life can quickly change!! So this chapter in the story is about renovating and moving into our first place. Though we have a home with an amazing view, more space then we have now, a garage that will be converted into my studio- we do have LOTS of stuff to do before moving in. After receiving the keys last week, we spent a great deal of the weekend airing out (why people don’t clean up after their pets is totally a mystery to me!!), cleaning and beginning the first of our DIY projects. The next few weeks will be spent ripping out flooring, painting, laying new flooring, adding unique finishes and of course my favorite part decorating and then finally moving….sigh…this is going to be a long couple of months. But thankfully we will be settled just in time for the release of my book and all of the amazing opportunities that will come next!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys!! Cant wait to see photos of the new place as you make it your own!


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