Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm an Artist- Not a Writer!

Is this week dragging on or is it just me? Thursday has finally arrived and that makes me happy but also stressed because this weekend is all about working on more writing for my book…ugggghhh. As I get older I am concluding that I have OCD and this whole book process is bringing it out in me!! I have to be wearing the right clothes, I have to be sitting in a certain chair, no background noise, and the worst part is that I fixate on every sentence and every word- and if there is not rhythm or flow (or what I consider rhythm or flow!) I just cannot move on- I stare at the screen, search for the right word and read my paragraphs over and over again…. it is taking me FOREVER! But I can happily say that I have all sorts of demand for my clutch purses and I am in the midst of filling little orders and making back up stock which is actually a really nice way to spend my writing breaks and these breaks are actually turning into more than just breaks and becoming long drawn out project time. But really, I am not a writer I am an artist so I will just have to give in to the flow of my strange process and finish this writing the only way I know how- procrastinate until the last minute (Tonia or Robin if you are reading this I am totally kidding!!)

In entertainment news- I was surprised last night that Kid Nation showed the kids chopping off chicken heads …CRAZY reality tv- gotta LOVE IT! And unfortunately I was a bit disappointed in Bionic Woman- I had some major hope since David Eik, the Exec. Producer of Battlestar Galactic (my most favorite show) is involved in this project and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) as well as others from Battlestar appear but I was kinda let down…BUT…I do love any show where women are fighting and kicking ass so I won’t judge too hard.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog Love Addendum and Unrelated Varia

I have had it with blogspot!!! I keep having trouble with it publishing my drafts instead of my actual revised entry so now it appears that I don’t revise my entries…AHHHH! Please note the addendum below- sorry Linda !

….Linda Woods has this wonderful knack for wit and honesty that is inspiring to me! Since finding her blog I have stopped feeling guilty about the profanity that escapes from my mouth, consumed more doughnuts (guilt free) and found comfort knowing there are other women out there who love breaking the rules!!

In unrelated creative news- I am obsessed with all of the new tv shows and actually love September because of this- I am excited that Heroes is back but have a feeling it might be getting quite complicated but who cares- it’s entertainment! I really enjoyed the new show Chuck and Kid Nation was cute and entertaining, I am excited for Bionic Woman, happy to be watching Survivor and one of my most favorite shows, No Reservations on the Travel Channel is back with new episodes. I won’t list anymore (and there is more!) because it already sounds like I watch too much TV.

I am losing sleep because of obnoxious college girls outside our window smoking and blabbing at strange times of the night and I am determined to catch them and lecture them about respect for their community- but last night I was too cozy and too concerned about how crazy I would look in my robe (usually I have appropriate attire laid out next to the bed just for these situations) Unfortunately this is one of the downsides of living and working in a college resident hall- normal life patterns become anything but normal!

Working and living in academia I have had more discussions this week about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at Columbia University and I am officially burnt out on political discussions and have made a vow not to talk politics and controversy for at least 1 week!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blog Love

As the days go by I am physically feeling better and better- such a sharp contrast from this time last week when I was laying on the couch watching HBO sniffling, and coughing my brains out!! Back to the day job means back to “workin’ for the man”- but it also means that I have time to daydream and make all sorts of creative plans in my head for when I get home in the afternoon and work on my art (my second job). It also means that I am in front of a computer all day and get to surf the internet somewhat guilt free and peruse my favorite blogs which I feel is almost becoming a problem for me- I am addicted to finding new and interesting blogs to read and it is quite distracting!! So....I thought I should show some blog love to all the lovely people who keep me inspired and entertained during the day while I pay my dues at the office!!

Journal Revolution:It wasn't until recently that I found J-Rev through the wonderful Tonia Davenport (whose blog I also love to read) and found it to be one of the most refreshing and authentic blogs I have come across. Linda Woods has this wonderful knack for wit and honesty that is inspiring to me! Since finding her blog I have stopped feeling guilty about the profanity that escapes from my mouth, consumed more doughnuts (guilt free) and found comfort knowing there are other women out there who love breaking the rules!!

Soule Mama:I do not have children but Amanda Soule's blog makes me want to have kids- her blog reminds me of my own childhood filled with no tv, exploration, crafts, creativity and a true appreciation for what it means to grow as a family.

Posie Gets Cozy:I think I am one of MANY who reads Alicia Paulson's blog everyday- not only is her blog visually beautiful but so sweet and endearing- not to mention she resides in my old stomping grounds of Pdx, OR and it makes me feel like I am a little closer to home!

Liquid Sky Arts:Another Oregonian but Kathleen Rossi-Howell resides in Astoria, OR just a few towns over from where I grew up (Seaside) and plan to live again someday. Reading the ventures of people who picked up their lives and moved to a small coastal town is so inspiring to me and her amazing photos make my heart ache for home.

Claudine Hellmuth:This time last year I was preparing to appear on Craft Lab and had no idea what I was getting into! A friend recommended that I check out the blog of Claudine because she had appeared on the show in past- long story short, I contacted Claudine for advice and got amazing tips and feedback and I have been a fan of her blog ever since! Claudine gives me hope that IT IS possible to eventually quit your day job and pursue creativity full time!!!!

Art Biz Blog: I wish this blog existed when I was getting ready to finish college (but there were no blogs back then) When you are a painting major and have paid thousands of dollars for your education finding your place in the job market is a scary thing! Alyson Stanfield offers all sorts of priceless advise on how to break into the art world and promote yourself as an artist.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Illustration Friday- Juggle

This is a tribute to my own challenge of juggling life, love and happiness and trying to keep it all working!!!!!!!!!!

New Day

Today is a new day- typically I am not fond of Mondays but I am finally feeling better (I can breath again!) I am refreshed, and I am ready to be productive this week! The weekend was spent taking time to get better, working on my book, and finishing up tote bags to send off this week. I forced myself to move slowly and not feel pressure to get everything done (and not punish myself if things were left unfinished). There is something about being sick that helps me to refocus and as much as I hate being forced to do nothing- I end up really appreciating my body and what it feels like to be in good health.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day Three

So here I am- day three at home from my day job- still sick- and while it is nice to be at home, my head is so congested that I can't seem to focus on doing anything. So I have been laying around watching day time tv and I can only watch so many episodes of the Tyra show or TLC remodeling shows or MTV reality shows! I received the thumbnail for my book in the mail and it is so exciting to see the photos from the shoot back in July. I should be working on it but instead I have decided to do all sorts of things to occupy my sick days at home like painting my toes blue, eating lots of chips and cheese dip and looking up trashy celebrity gossip sites...ugggg!! This afternoon I decided enough is enough and sat down to paint a little and now I am exhausted but feel good about at least accomplishing something.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Relax Alisa

You might be asking yourself- what in the world are you up to now Alisa?? Well, I have been working on a little project that involves hand screened totes that I will be putting to use in the near future (stay tuned!!) AND a handful of these totes will also be donated to STITCH in Austin, TX. I love using my sketches, textures and designs with the silk screening process- so exciting to see the end results!

Other than that I have been crazy busy at work then as usual when things get crazy- I got sick this weekend but tried my darndest not to let it get me down. I am patiently waiting for the thumbnail of my book to arrive any day in the mail- I am very impatient and can't wait to see it. There is something about having something physical in my hands that makes this whole book experience more real!! Tonight I am forcing myself to sit in one place for more than 1 hour and RELAX!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Makin' a Mess

Life is moving along rapidly and I am juggling a million projects, trying my hardest to hang in there working my day job and STILL dealing with many challenges. Lots of ups and downs, lots of personal trials that seem to be coming at me on a daily basis- what is up with this??!?!?! At least I am building character? After a long day at work I came home to paint and that always makes me feel better especially when I splatter paint. There is nothing more satisfying than splattering paint and making a mess, even if a little ends up on the kitchen floor and the cat- I cannot help but feel as if all is made right after I make art.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another Busy Weekend!

Another busy weekend! We celebrated our anniversary by eating out Friday night at one of my favorite spots- it's the ambiance that I love! And then Sat we were at a family gathering- It was Andy's Oma's 80th birthday. Lots of yummy Indo food good company and a gorgeous day! But today I am wiped and trying to get lots of stuff done so I can feel good about starting the week!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

But a Speck in Time

Today is my 3 year wedding anniversary. It was early morning on Sept 7th that Andy and I were married on the rocky coastline in Monterey, CA- it was just the two of us- I guess you could say we eloped but with everyone’s blessing. It was the beginning of an adventure, we set out after that morning and made our way up the coastal 101, exploring California and Oregon and finally reaching my lovely hometown of Seaside, Oregon where we spent time relaxing and bonding with family. It was such a lovely way to start our marriage and so very “us” to do things in our own unique way.

When I think about it three years sounds so small compared to everything that has happened - so bittersweet at times-challenging-amazing. Life is never boring with my husband- he is a free spirit who always inspires adventure and flying by the seat of our pants!! We have experienced so many adventures and travels, grown together and also faced many challenges that we never expected to encounter.

I have known my husband for close to 10 years and it feels like forever, he feels like home, like a piece of me that I cannot remember not having in my life. I know that three years is but a speck in time but for me it has been the most enlightening and life changing speck and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Poor Foot

You might be asking yourself- what in the world is up with these feet??? Well, these feet were my focus this holiday weekend! My husband is an avid surfer and every year around this time he gets stung by a sting ray but this year it was BAD- his poor foot (which is usually very nice and slender) swelled up and kept swelling and swelling- he was not in pain, no fever, just very uncomfortable and couldn't walk on it! But it now seems that he has now developed a bit of an allergy to sting rays over time. So after a trip to a crowded ER yesterday in which we walked in the office and changed our minds and then went straight back to the car where we called our surfing EMT friend who offered some helpful advice and comfort!! After another call to the doc today, it seems he has to just let time pass and ride it out- perfect excuse for Andy to have another day at home!! In the meantime, San Diego had record temps this weekend- yesterday was in the 100's!!! I am hoping this week will be a little more peaceful and cool.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kickin' Back and Daydreaming

So here I am sitting at my little computer desk trying my very hardest to work on my book and the writing that I have left to do. But as it usually works, I am not inspired or in the frame of be an artist and a creative soul often means things are centered around emotions and state of mind- sometimes a curse and something that I have been really trying to work on! Life doesn't stop and wait for me to be inspired in order to get stuff done- in fact I have had to really train myself to do things even when I am not inspired, even the mundane things - otherwise nothing would get done in my daily life!!! Though I have actually been quite productive, I am just not feeling inspired anymore- so instead I am browsing through the latest Domino magazine, reading one of my favorite cookbooks, pacing around the house changing my clothes, eating gummy bears and day dreaming about the next book I would like to write- am I crazy or is this normal? To top off my lack of inspiration, it is HOT here in San Diego. The lovely 75 degree weather with cool ocean breezes has been replaced by 90 degree sticky humidity and those of us living near the beach don't have air conditioning- needless to say it is hot and I think I may just blame my lack of inspiration on the weather!! So right now I am kicking back and listening to this CD and fabricating another daydream- a daydream where I am on a trip in Udaipur, India staying here-
and though it is hot and humid, I am enjoying the weather because it is part of the experience...yes, I have just managed to kill a little more time pretending I am in India.


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