Tuesday, September 26, 2017

love notes for you!

Hey friends! I've got another round of love notes for you! For those of you who missed my announcement a few weeks ago, I've been searching my heart about some simple ways to spread a little kindness and love to you guys. So I've decided that every few weeks, I'm going to be giving you some little love notes to download for free. Just something simple and uplifting that you can grab, print out, hang up or share with someone who might need a little pick me up!

This week I am actually going to ask for something in return! While these downloads are free, would you please consider trying to find a way to donate or spread awareness about the desperate need happening right now in Puerto Rico? I know everyone out there is not in a position to monetarily give but there are all kinds of ways to spread awareness, show support, plan a fundraiser or get involved in any kind of way to helping 3.4 million Americans in need.  xo

Download print HERE

Download postcards HERE

Monday, September 25, 2017

new class hello color with megan wells!

Hey friends! The latest online class from my good friend Megan Wells Hello Color launched last week and it's not too late to join in the colorful fun! Here is a little preview!

Intro Hello Color from Megan E Wells on Vimeo.

Hello Color
Register for class HERE

Say hello to color in this fun, approachable class that will open your eyes to see and use color in a whole new way – through exploring the basics of color theory with Megan Wells from Makewells.

Using acrylic paints, Megan will introduce you to color mixing, properties of color, and color schemes, all through fun, creative prompts and exercises. She’ll share her favorite tips, tricks and supplies, and take you on a fun color filled adventure while painting! You’ll learn to see color through new eyes, and walk away with not just a new understanding of color, but the tools to use color effectively in your art and life!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

creating with janna- altered kikki k planner

One of my friends talked me into buying a fancy planner, it was a big hype and nearly everyone in my surrounding owned one. I never used this kind of organization tool before and didn't really think I needed one, but you know how it goes... and to be honest,  there are really nice ones out there. I ordered one from Australia which was not only quite expensive, but also plain pink. When I opened the package, I was disappointed, the planner was a bit boring to look at, so I put it into a drawer and didn't touch it for a while.

Then, when I was working on a few small canvases, I got the idea to transfer the patterns onto the expensive planner. My friend nearly got a heart attack and was worried what would happen if I messed up - I did it anyways. So here is a little inspiration how to upgrade a planner using yourself and your projects as source of inspiration.

To begin with, I'd like to share the process of creating the small mixed media canvases. I chose three different pastel colors to start with and applied the acrylic paint with a paint brush. I prefer to color the edge as well, but you don´t have to.

Adding darker colors creates contrast and depth. In this case, I chose a dark purple and black. Big, dark areas can feel intimitading sometimes – don´t forget, you can lighten up those areas by applying more paint or white colored shapes, for example. 

Creating those mixed media canvases didn't take long, it was fun and a great practice. As mentioned before, I got the idea to transfer the patterns onto the pink planner during the creative process. I wanted to make the planner more "me" in order to finally use it.

I started with a base of white acrylic paint to make sure the other colors would pop out. I also left a few spots with the original pink. The color was applied with paint brushes, credit cards, scrapers and my fingers (which makes it even more personal). The color scheme is the same as on the canvases, so are the shapes.

Painting the planner took much longer than the mixed media canvases. I stepped away from it a few times, to return the other day and keep on working on it. The backside is still plain pink, I didn´t want to overdo it and I am happy I didn´t paint it as it lets the front pop out even more.

As you can see, I added lots of small shapes like dots and dashes to the dark and light areas and created a white center for the title. 

The planner lies on my works desk – it has become a file in which I store inspiration, ideas and creative things. I absolutely love how it turned out and the fact that I was my own source of inspiration makes the project even more unique and fun.

So, whenever you run out of ideas or creative mojo, flip through your projects and find out what you like about them and try to incorporate this into a new piece.

All the best,

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

gluten free fish taco salad

Eating gluten free has changed my life and while I am not strict about cutting out gluten (I cheat once in a while), I have really enjoyed all the great alternatives out there when it comes to eliminating gluten from my diet. 

One of my favorite meals is a fish taco salad- it's kinda like a deconstructed fish taco. I've eliminated the tortillas and the rice and replaced them with quinoa, added my favorites veggies and fresh seasonal fish.

Butter lettuce
Black beans
Grilled corn
Purple cabbage
Grilled salmon
Cilantro and lime juice for added flavor


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