Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Still hard at work in the studio but I whipped up a quick free motion spider web to say...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bouncing Around

As usual I have been hard at work in the studio today- bouncing from one project to another. I am very lucky to be a great creative multi tasker because I am not sure how I could bounce from painting and dying fabric (yes fabric not canvas) to stringing beads to writing class lessons to updating html coding on my website to working on a series of mini art quilts! And the day is not yet over- Fridays are the night that my hubby and brother bond over video games (insert my eye roll here!) and I work late into the night if I have the energy and tonight- I have the ENERGY- Lots to accomplish this weekend!

If you have a chance- pop on over to my friend Kelly Rae's blog where I am giving away a brand new clutch (hot off my sewing table) and also giving away a free slot in my current class- Adventurous Accessories- Just leave a comment to enter!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Fiber Wreath Tutorial

Fall is my favorite season but because I live in Southern California I miss all the changing colors of the trees so I decided to create a fall fiber wreath full of all my favorite colors of the season! This is one of those projects that could have many variations and make use of different materials so feel free to put your own spin on it!

Start with a styrofoam wreath and paint it in a solid color and then set it aside to dry.

While the wreath is drying use stamps, drawings of simple leaves or even a simple painted shape of a leaf on the surface of canvas or fabric.

I used my own hand carved stamps on top of Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Sticky Back Canvas .
I love the sticky back canvas it is the perfect weight for this project and can even be printed on! Another variation could be to even print out a sheet full of leaf images!

I filled three 12x12 sheets full of leaf stamps in a variety of fall colors.

Cut out all of your leaves- its ok not be perfect with this step- just the general shape will be fine.

Take half of the leaves, peel off the backing and stick them to the wreath- these leaves will cover the ugly styrofoam. If you are not using Sticky Back Canvas simple glue your leaves to the surface of the wreath with hot glue.

Take the other half of your leaf images and layer them on top of colorful scraps of fabric or canvas. I used a variety of my hand painted scraps in my favorite fall colors.

Sew the layers together and trace the lines of the leaf images with your sewing machine. I used my machine because I LOVE the look of free motion stitches (and I am totally in love with my Bernina!) But if you do not have a sewing machine or don't like sewing- a variation would be to glue your layers of fiber together and the use a black fabric or permanent pen to add contrasting lines to the surface of the leaf.

When you are satisfied will all of your stitching lay out all of your leaves on top of the wreath and arrange them along the surface.

Use a hot glue gun and glue your leaves onto the surface of the wreath- if you don't have a hot glue gun, craft glue will work just fine.

Layer your leaves as you glue them down and try to build up a surface with color and size variations.

When you are finished, hang you wreath on the wall, a door or even use as a table centerpiece!

Updates from the Studio

You will have to excuse my absence online the last couple of days- I have been playing MAJOR catch up and am happy to say that after a few 15 hour days in the studio I am finally on top of everything (for a while). Lots going on here- lots of great opportunities that have been developing and then a handful of dead ends (rejections) that have sort of sent me in a bit of spin lately. You would think after years of art class critiques in high school and college and then just tons of rejection working as an artist for years, I would get used to it but it is still just as hard to deal with and usually causes me to question EVERYTHING. But thankfully I have a great husband who brings me to my senses and lots of work to keep me distracted- I am so enjoying some new ideas, new work and new possibilities I have been focussing on!

In other news-

If you are quilter please check out the newest publication from Quilting Arts- International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene! It is FABULOUS and full of lot of inspiration (and a little cuff project from your truly). I am in love quilters the best and this magazine totally embodies the amazing vibe of the quilting community!

I have added yet another stamp set to my shop and in my next post will be a fun tutorial making use of these new fall leaves stamps!

My latest online class Adventurous Accessories start this week (this week is an intro to defining your style and the design process) and there is always room to join! If you are looking for some super unique projects on a budget this the the class for you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh Bernina- How I Love you!

I took my Bernina into my local dealer this weekend- Sew Hut- for a little help with my continued mission to learn all that there is to know about my Aurora 430 so I can be a good and knowledgeable Bernina Artisan! What a lovely time it was learning new things- something that felt good for a change. Nina was so wonderful and patient with me and I went away with an even better understaning of my machine. I returned to my studio to my to do list which includes new purses for some new opportunities and LOVED trying out all the stuff I learned and of course going wild with my favorite technique EVER- free motion!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Online Classes- UPDATE

Normally I would not post 3 blog entries in one day but I am playing a little catch up over here so I apologize for all the information!

Monday, October 26th my Adventurous Accessories Online class starts and now that I have changed my online class rules- once you register you will have unlimited access to the class and the information. This means if you want to work along with me for the next five weeks register now- otherwise you are now able to register and access the class at any time and work at your own pace! Below is the information as well as the links to all of the past classes that are now available to register for! Reminder- if you have taken any of my past classes please let me know and I will give you free access!

Not to worry you can find all of this info on my website!

Adventurous Accessories
Starts October 26th!

I have a confession to make... I am an accessory junkie! For some reason I love purses, hats, scarves and all kinds of jewelry and can always find space for more. As usual my motto, when it comes to accessories, is why spend money when you can make your own?!

This class is something I have been planning for a while and it is just in time for holiday gifts! From hand painted scarves, altered hats to earrings, purses and jewelry- I will share all kinds of projects, techniques an inspiration to create your own handmade accessories. As usual, I will incorporate everyday supplies, recycled materials and lots of PAINT!
Get ready for an adventure!!



Learn the art of graffiti!! This class will introduce you to the concept of graffiti and tons of techniques- layering, messy color, how to make handmade stencils, handwriting, different kinds of spray painting techniques, non toxic substitutes for spray paint, using household materials and tools, paint pens, free writing, and all sorts of other techniques and materials to create your very own graffiti compositions on paper, fabric and canvas that can be used in scrapbooks, journals, collage sewing and all sorts of mixed media projects.


Recycling Remix

This class will completely change the way you think about everyday materials! It is jam packed with techniques, projects, ideas to incorporate a green approach and all kinds of ways to make art on a budget. For those who know me, will know that I am OBSESSED with finding new ways to redefine and use everyday materials- I strongly believe that learning to recycle and create on on a budget is a way to show respect in the art that we make.
This class will introduce you to all kinds of creative and nontraditional (and I mean nontraditional!) ways to use everyday materials, how to transform trash and things that normally get tossed (junk mail, cereal boxes, used envelopes, paper, old clothes and so much more), you will learn how to spend little to no money on supplies, inspiration in art history and lots more Everything that you learn can be applied to mixed media, fabric, paper, scrapbooking projects- regardless of the medium you work in you will be INSPIRED!

While I consider myself first and foremost a painter, I have found passion for pairing my painting and mixed media techniques with sewing! This workshop will bring it all together and you will learn how to create whimsical women made from painted canvas,
hand painted fabric, found objects and much more!

You will learn:
How to brainstorm, sketch and design your own women
How to paint simple faces
Create your own mixed media fabric
Learn simple and non traditional sewing techniques
How to incorporate alternative supplies and found objects
Simple and nontraditional sewing techniques
And all kinds of unique ways to construct your very own funky, wild, beautiful, mixed media whimsical women!


This Just In...

I am so excited to announce that we have finalized the details for the December Graffiti Collaborative Weekend Workshop at the Art Bar!! I am super excited to be teaching alongside two of my favorite ladies AND teaching a whole weekend dedicated to graffiti. This is going to be a totally unique and creative workshop- hope you can join us!!



Traci Bautista

Alisa Burke

Lisa Engelbrecht

Join artists Traci Bautista, Lisa Engelbrecht and Alisa Burke for a weekend of messy,

wild, urban fun! Channel you inner rebel as you letter, paint and collage your way

through three days of graffiti inspired techniques and projects. You will have the

opportunity to spend time every day with each artist to learn about their unique

techniques and projects.

This Exclusive Opportunity includes 7 workshops, (plus Graffiti Challenge Event) for 3 full days -

starting early in the morning and ending late at night, all hosted by The ARTbar and held in

the artistic environment of the Santora Arts Building in the Santa Ana Artist Village!!

For more details click here

Halloween Craft- Blinged Out Skulls Tutorial

The best thing about this time of year (besides the huge selection of super awesome wigs available in stores!) is the plethora of skull parafanalia everywhere. I have a collection of unique skulls and for a while I have been wanting to find a skull with lots of bling. So in my never ending ending quest to transform everyday stuff into something creative and artful I decided to transform a few different skulls with very simple sparkle and bling!

I visited quite a few stores to prepare for this project and there are TONS of skulls- plastic, wood, paper- you name it there are skeletons and skulls everywhere and they are cheap! I purchased a few to show you how easy it create it is to revamp and alter another simple object!

My mantra- paint over anything!

Start by painting over your skulls (this can be plastic, wood or even paper!)
I painted over a couple of cheap plastic skulls.
Use puff paint (in metallic or glitter) and add dots all over the surface of the skull

Another option is to use lots of sequins glued to the surface of your skull!
Time consuming but so worth it!

Use one of the MANY wood forms out there and add colorful sequins and sparkle puff paint!

This guy even got involved and helped me alter a wooden skeleton!

If you can't find a skull that you like- try creating one out of paper mache!
Using a simple ballon and cover with paper mache mixture.
Peel off and then decorate with paint and sequins!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wanted- Joy, Silliness and Spunk!

Life has been throwing a lot our way lately- lots and lots of family stuff going on over here- big stuff- issues that lately I don't quite feel prepared for. I have been struggling with vacations canceled, sleepless nights, worry and tears for those dearest to me. Somewhere in the last couple of weeks I seem to have lost my joy. And today I am gathering my resources, hunting it down and getting it back for good!

Wish me luck- joy can often be a challenge to find but it always seems to be lurking in the most obvious places :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Updates from the Studio

I have started the process of fully stocking my Etsy shop- You will now find some funky fiber accessories, holiday cards and the beginning of holiday ornaments. I will continue to add more goodies in the coming months in preparation for the holidays

I have also decided to sell some the art from my recent Somerset Workshop article so you also will find a handful of the graffiti canvas collage paintings my in my shop under original art.

After much thought and consideration I have decided to open up all of my past and present online classes for registration. I have been doing a lot of back and forth about how best to offer classes online (its kinda tricky) but after some great feedback from all of you, I will make all my online classes available for those who want to work without time a time frame- So if you missed something a while back that you wanted to take- they will all not be available. For those who do like working within a time frame I will still keep the classes on a five week structure were there is a class start and end date for weekly lessons that you can work along with me as the lessons are posted. I will have everything up, full details and ready for registration by the middle of the week.

I think most of you out there know that I was selected to be a Bernina Artisan and I have a LOVELY Aurora 440 loan machine to work on- I am so excited to start working on some really funky projects for Bernina's Sewing Republic site and if you haven't visited it- head over and take a look- it is a GREAT resource if you are looking for some fresh sewing projects and inspiration. Since I am a very non traditional sewer (ummm I pretty wild) and have little "technical" or "traditional" knowledge when it comes to sewing I am going to be getting a little extra instruction from my local Bernina dealer on all of the bells and whistles on my machine this next weekend. I can't wait to learn all that there is to know and get even more wild with my sewing!!

I am working on another SUPER fun tutorial for this week so please check back in the next couple of days!!

And now......I am taking the rest of the day off....well kinda :)


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