Thursday, December 26, 2019

end of the year sale!

Ok Friends! It's the last sale of the year- my annual end of the year sale where all classes are marked down from December 26th-January 1st.

Head on over to the shop to view over 100 class offerings!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

merry christmas!

As always, I just wanted to say thank you guys! So much of what I do depends on my customers, my students and my readers and I so appreciate the support for my crazy creative business. I want to wish everyone out there a joy filled holiday. And from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for being a part of our life!
Merry Christmas
xo Alisa, Andy and Lucy

Monday, December 23, 2019

creating with jules- air dry clay rainbow ornaments

I’ve been going a little Christmas ornament crazy over here, and whilst I could skip the whole busyness of the whole season, I could certainly make Christmas ornaments all year round! They are so fun and there are so many possibilities. I’ve been noticing lots of rainbows in Alisa’s blog & instagram lately, so I thought I’d create a tutorial that compliments all the modern rainbows I’m seeing lately :)

You will need:

-air dry clay
-acrylic paints
-acrylic gloss sealer
-thin string (I used kitchen twine)
-alphabet stamps

Start out by rolling some 1/2” diameter logs of clay. Start with a 4 1/2” log and bend into a ‘U’ shape and then layer a couple more longer logs around this one. 3 or 4 logs work well.

On the back, score and blend edges together with a clay tool. Some air dry clays work better than others for smoothing joins! Play around until you find a brand that you like.

Stamp a word onto the right hand side of the rainbow. You can copy the words I’ve stamped, or personalize. Named ornaments make great gifts! Poke a hole through the top where the string will thread through. Let dry.

Once dry, paint each stripe a different pastel color. Let dry, then coat the whole rainbow with a layer of acrylic gloss.

When the gloss was dry I used some burnt umber (dark brown) and painted the whole rainbow. You then use a well-wrung damp rag to rub back the brown paint to your liking. Leave to dry.

Loop some string through the hole, and you’re done.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Jules :)

You can find more of Jules here:

Friday, December 20, 2019

balloon stamped wrapping paper

Need a last minute wrapping paper project that to do with the kiddos? Grab a balloon to use as stamp.


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