Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

We really don't celebrate or do much for Halloween but it is becoming a tradition to at least play a little dress up and have some fun on the blog! (see last year here and the years before here and here) 

This year we decided to have a little fun pretending that we were riding the rails! Wishing all of you a CREATIVE (and safe) Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

fabric patches

I've got another simple and fun projects for Brother and their new Scan N Cut machine!

As a mom of an active (and messy toddler) I know how much wear and tear kids clothing can get! That is why I love to spruce up my daughter clothing with simple and colorful patches! Everything from stains to holes can be covered with a patch.

The fun part about the Scan N Cut is that you are able to cut fabric which means creating simple shapes for patches and any sewing project just got really easy! 

 I started by cutting out a variety of shapes from colorful scraps of handmade and store bought fabric.

Next I layered my shapes on top of canvas (for more stability).
Then using my sewing machine I added stitched details to my shapes.

The result are a variety of fun little fabric patches ready to be sewn to clothing!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

family blocks

Our scrap wood bin is one of my favorite places to grab supplies for my creative projects. Lucy still loves sorting and playing with block so I was inspired to use some larger scraps of wood to create some quirky blocks, complete with simple little illustrations of our family and things that she loves! 

I started by sanding down the wood to get rid of any potential splinters.

Next I got busy painting and this was a fun step to include Lucy in. We started by painting all of the wood white and then went back with messy color.

Then I painted really fast, expressive and quirky portraits.

I didn't care about perfection or realism- instead I was trying to simply capture everyone in a fun and childlike way! Lucy sat next to me the entire time and loved talking about each person as I painted.

The result is an entire collection (that I will be continuing to add to) of family portraits that she is obsessed with sorting and lining up. They are perfect for play but also make fun decoration for a bookshelf or even a centerpiece for a table!

Monday, October 28, 2013

updates from the studio


I am super excited to announce that I have a variety of my Heart to Art Remix products from Demdaco available over in my shop! In the coming months I will be adding fun stuff from the line so stay tuned!


My latest mini online class Draw and Repeat is in full swing! And it's not too late to join in the fun (all of my classes have unlimited access which means you are able to register at any time!) I am obsessed with creating surface pattern and these days a lot of the art that I make revolves around finding unique ways to transform my drawings and doodles into pattern. From finding inspiration to working with color to building pattern with simple tools and supplies I am excited to share my favorite tips, tricks and techniques for creating a surface full of pattern. You can find more details in my shop!



Looking for a place to advertise? I've got a handful of ad spaces available. Head over to my sponsorship 
page HERE for more information

Friday, October 25, 2013

heart to art remix cuff bracelets and a GIVEAWAY!

 As promised in my post last week, on Fridays I will be sharing a peek at each of the products in my new Heart to Art line with Demdaco (and I will be giving away some fun stuff). Today I am excited to share the cuff bracelets!

 If you have followed me for a while you will know that back when I was making accessories from painted canvas I made sure that I always used my scraps! Each and every leftover piece of canvas was saved, cut up and sewn into something new- often into some kind of creative bracelet or cuff, embellished with messy stitching and colorful buttons.

The eight cuff bracelets in my new line beautifully capture the style and ascetic from my original designs. They are made from my painted canvas, embellished with buttons and stitching! They are messy, BOLD and beautifully capture my funky style! 

A perfect accessory to add a splash of color a lot of creativity to any outfit!

For all those who have inquired about where to purchase products from my line- I am currently in the midst of stocking my shop full of my favorites and will be announcing next week when everything is live. You can also head over to the Demdaco website to search for retailers new you!

Today I am giving away 8 cuff bracelets! 

To enter leave me a comment
Tell me what color you like to accessorize with best (mine is turquoise!)
I will randomly select 8 winners in a few days and each of those winners will have a cuff sent to them!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

a peek inside my sketchbook

Lately I am LOVING the Faber-Castell gel sticks. They a super vibrant water-soluble crayon and perfect for a messy wash of bright color!


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