Monday, August 27, 2007

Lighten UP and Embrace the Good

So today is Monday, a fresh start to the week, a brand new day- at least this is what I am telling myself! My weekend was a challenge- Friday ended with more drama and “news” in my “professional life” which meant I had more to process over the weekend, which typically means me venting to my husband, crying then needing to plan, find hope, and figure out what is in the not so distant future for us. It is funny because so much of the stuff I have been dealing with lately has nothing to do with my creative life- my book, my art, my upcoming teaching opportunities, the demand for my purses all of this stuff feels good which is so fitting that the things that are authentic to who Alisa is are the things that keep me balanced and happy and don’t involve drama. The other stuff: in-law drama, day job drama, people that come in out of my day that challenge my faith and my patience- these are the things that throw me out of balance and often distract me from what is truly important like my marriage, my family, my art, my big dreams. Amidst my emotional highs and lows, I spent a good deal of the weekend writing and working on my book and also had my picture taken for my book as well as more fun photos which my hubby got to model for! Today is going to be a fresh start for my state of mind, time for me to suck it up and move on and embrace the good, hold close to the people who lift me up and just not take stuff so serious!!! In keeping with this goal I have attached a clip from last night’s flight of the Concords which made me laugh and smile and feel a little lighter!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Me Being Strong...

This was the way I tried to approach today- yep this is me being strong (and a little goofy!) After yesterday- a day full of challenges and what felt like major obstacles to overcome- today I dove into everything I had before me and used all my strength to ignore and move past the distractions and the things that have come up that I have no control over- yep this is me being strong- minus red hair (because my hair is back to normal)

Monday, August 20, 2007


Today was one of those days- challenging- emotionally, spiritually and socially!

Summer Days

As usual life has been busy, preparing for students coming back, filling some orders for purses and other little creations that I have been working on and trying really hard to work on the writing for my book. It is hard for me to get into a mood to write- too many distrations that are easy to give into but I am making progress and I will make my deadlines no matter what!!! I have also been trying to enjoy the last days of summer, savoring the extra warm Southern California weather, spending time with my hubby- helping out my photographer friend Duvy build up her portfolio-

by "playing" model, spending time with family, trying to keep our fat cat Jack nice and cool-

and most importanly been doing my darndest to live in the present and not worry about the future. I can feel fall approaching and though San Diego is usually warm and sunny, there are still signs that time is passing- In the six years I have lived here, I have NEVER gotten used to the lack of visible seasons, but I have found new ways to identify the approaching months- the days are get shorter, the nights are cooler, leaves start to change on trees other than the palms, and the tourists will soon leave the sandy beaches- thank goodness! Though the weather will continue to be warm and sunny even in December (the most beautiful of months) I can still feel fall and winter approaching!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Fun

What a weekend it was! Friday we went to the Del Mar Races- I have never been to a horse race or ever gambled (never even been to Las Vegas!) but I have a friend that owns a few race horses and has seats so we accepted the initiation to attend as their guests and we actually had a great time. Unfortunately I lost interest in the races after the 2nd race, which probably means that I don't have a gambling problem- I had more fun people watching! The best part was that we got to go down to The Paddock before their horse ran and meet the jockey and I got to take lots of pictures, we felt very important! Then after the races we got to go out to the stables and feed carrots to all the horses that had ran that day- this was the best part! Saturday my wonderful friend Duvy who is a photographer asked me to do a little photoshoot at a boutique so I got to try on clothes and get my picture taken! Then Sunday we went to church, then to a movie- saw Stardust which was a lovely movie and lots of fun. I worked on writing and purses for the the rest of the day and then sat watched all our favorite shows- Sunday is our favorite tv night starting with Big Brother, John from Cincinnati (which I love), Entourage, and last Flight of the Concords which might be my favorite show ever- it is brilliant-my husband and I laugh and laugh and laugh- check out my favorite clip!!

Now it is Monday morn and it is back to work and time to get serious about all the stuff I need to accomplish!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What is Going to Happen?!?!?

So I have been absent for a bit. There has been a lot going on- personally and professionally trying to make some life decisions, preparing for my students to come back (again my hubby and I live on campus at USD and participate in a mentoring program for upper class students-yes our home is a lovely 2 bedroom dorm- strange but entirely life changing!! ) Lately I have been in a bit of a funk- trying to not stress about the future or where our lives are going. I am such a black and white thinker that I struggle with wanting to know what happens next- our living situation is very fluid and as more opportunities come my way with my art I cannot help but feel that change is coming and I just want to know WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!?!?!? But I know part of this process of growing and moving forward is putting our trust in bigger things and trust that there is a plan for us and patience might be the key for me. On a more uplifting note, I have begun the writing of my book which feels good, I have been making a ton of purses for some more opportunities and I have been working on some new and improved classes and teaching proposals. Life is busy and I know that I just need to keep moving forward and stop being scared and impatient- (way easier said then done!)


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