Monday, June 25, 2007

What am I doing here? Well besides finally sitting down after a long day of work at my day job and then home for another 5 hours on artwork- I am taking a look at my advance copy of Cloth Paper Scissors. And though I knew one of my articles and artwork would be in the mag, I was surprised when I opened the package to find that my work is the cover artwork!! This was just what I needed for an extra push for these last two weeks until my book's photo shoot. I must admit I am close to running out of steam getting all my art finished, prepped and perfected but this was just a little taste of hard work paid off!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good Intentions

So my good intentions of blogging everyday obviously seem to have gone down the drain- so here we go again- I promise this time I am going to try really hard to blog as much as possible because there are lots of exciting things on that I would love to have record of! But I do have a good excuse and that is working on the projects for my book and upcoming trip to Cincinnati for the photo shoot. I have been working nonstop and my fingers and hands are actually sore from painting! At this point I am starting to freak out and I am finding myself fighting what I always do when creating something that will be seen by others- which is start questioning and thinking I need to start over- I have done this since college art classes- a project would be due and I would work non stop for weeks and weeks and then the night before I would get this sudden rush of new inspiration and grab my brushes and paint over the entire project and stay up all night and start over creating something I felt better about and AMAZINGLY finish it- crazy eh? I am fighting this horrible creative pattern I have gotten in because everything I have created is wonderful and I need to know when to STOP!! Anyway, lots of work, lots of paint, lots of mess around the house but lots of lovely moments where something bigger takes over and I step back and think "wow where did that come from?" I keep trying to live in the present and just be thankful for the opportunity to put my passion as a painter to good use and to share with exciting!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lovely Long Weekend

So I spent a lovely long weekend back in my hometown on the Oregon Coast. I went home for a wedding and it was great! Not only did I get to see lots of faces from the past but I got to beachcomb minus tides and scavenge for photo ops in tidepools, go on walks with my parents, ate at Pacific Way and got to relax. Now I am back and ready to finish up all the art for my book ! one month and counting until I go to Cinncinati for the photoshoot and I am thrilled, excited, inspired, and nervous (but in a good way!)


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