Friday, May 17, 2013

fashion friday- DIY ombre hair

Let me first start by saying that I don't think "DIY" and hair belong in the same sentence but this was so darn easy 
I just couldn't resist sharing.

I've been growing my hair out for the last 4 years and FINALLY it's long enough (well, almost- it could probably be 
a little longer) for ombre highlights. Ombre highlights are when your hair graduates to a lighter color at the ends. 
Its a little dramatic and I've found you either love it or hate it- I love it! I think it has a nice boho/summer vibe. 

Feria makes a product called Wild Ombre and since I'd rather spent money on plants for our garden (than a trip 
to the salon) I decided to give it a try. *Word of warning- coloring your hair at home always has the potential to 
go wrong. Make sure you do a strand test before jumping in! 

My hair is dark brown and typically turns a nice auburn/red if I spent time in the sun. I wanted my ombre more 
red (than blond) and less dramatic than the color on the box so I left the color in for the minimum amount of 
time (25 min) to achieve reddish color. 
I love the way that it turned out- its perfect for my wavy (messy) hair and will be fun for summer!


  1. I like it! You look very nice :))

  2. It looks good on you! Way to go, brave girl!

  3. Nope not a fan of ombre.....I can't help but think it looks like someone's roots are growing out and they are too lazy to go get a touch up...oh well i'm old school me if you want sunkissed it belongs on top your head not the bottom......

  4. Love the look! Your hair looks beautiful!
    I have long, thick hair and touch up my just my roots for gray with brown color on a regular basis so the ends have become lighter over time. Guess you could say I have reverse ombre.

  5. Cool, Hip, Young and Flashy!

  6. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! The ombre fits you very nicely!!!

  7. OMG, you look gorgues.

  8. The thing with this is the age ! If you are young and gorgeous it looks stunning but over 50 and it would definitely look like it was time for another colour... looks great on you.

  9. love it, i have a box of this in my bathroom at the moment, cant wait to try it :) x

  10. I've been contemplating buying this for awhile now and after seeing your hair I'm going for it!
    lovely post.

    FashionProject x

  11. Love it! I'm going to (nervously) try my first at-home highlights job within the next few weeks. I have the box in my cabinet, I just have to work up the courage to do it. Lol. This post is definitely helping.

  12. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Sieht sehr schön aus. Frisch!
    Lieben Gruß, Kerstin

  13. Hmm I'm tired of fighting the grey battle and maybe highlighting the ends would draw attention away from them... Or have the opposite effect of the "grown out roots" look previously mentioned. Just wish my hair would turn white already!

  14. It looks great on you! Thanks for sharing- I haven't dyed my hair in many years, but since you made this look so do-able, I might have to!!

  15. Anonymous12:12 PM

    oh my...I was remembering when I was grown out the color of my hair and how I miss that look to it. I want my hair to look like that again so weird. It looks great. I like how it looks on you. :)

  16. U look beautiful!